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What I love the most about Mexico City Parades

Street Cleaners at every Desfile in Mexico City

Cindy Roaming
2 min readSep 18
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I still remember that as the pandemic’s grasp started to fade in 2021, I finally had the pleasure of seeing the joyful parades that swept over Mexico City. It was a time of newfound freedom when people ventured out without fear.

Speaking of Mexico City parades, let me tell you something about what occurred after the colorful Desfile and cheery people: there was something that touched my heart — the parade’s invisible heroes, the street cleaners and sweepers who followed behind.

While the vivid surroundings of the parade flooded the streets, these folks quietly went about their work. They dutifully cleaned up the confetti, streamers, and other remnants of the festivities, armed with brooms and dustpans.

What struck me most was the spontaneous appreciation they received from the paradegoers. As they passed by, the crowd would erupt in cheers, shouting ‘Gracias’ (thank you) and applauding. Additionally, I witnessed a mother teaching her child to stay for a while and appreciate what they do. It was a simple yet powerful gesture of gratitude for the cleaners’ hard work. It was truly breathtaking and heartwarming.

This tradition of acknowledging the street cleaners is a beautiful reflection of Mexican culture. It serves as a reminder that gratitude can be found in the simplest of gestures, and it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day a little brighter.

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