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The Batanghari River Story: The Man With The Fishing Net

Pollution and survival.

Cindy Roaming
2 min readJan 20, 2024


Photo was taken by me in 2019.

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We continued our stroll along the Batanghari River, the shattered trash here and there as far as I could see. As I mentioned before in my story, this place is not dump land, but it looks like one.

Photo by Author

The pathway we walked on was also where people got off a type of local transport called Ketek (a long tail boat.)

Even with the piles of rubbish around, it seemed like a normal route for them — whether heading to work, the market, or just going about their daily business.

They passed by without appearing annoyance at the disheartening view. Perhaps they were accustomed to it, or maybe it was just a part of their daily reality.

As we meandered further, we spotted an old man who in sixties with a fishing net, and I wondered if there were any fish left in the polluted water.

Intrigued, we approached him, exchanging greetings and asking what he was doing.

To my surprise, he proudly displayed the fish he had caught. Trying to hide my shock, I remarked, “Banyak tangkapannyo yo pak!” — “There are many fish…



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