A view from Santa Muerte festivities in Tepito Mexico City. Photo by Author

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Photo Story: Santa Muerte Festivities in Mexico City

Cindy Roaming
Nov 2, 2023


Every November 1st, thousands of devotees gather at Tepito to honor Santa Muerte. For her followers, she’s like a guardian who keeps them safe, helps them when they’re sick, and shows them the way in life.

Over the bustling streets of Tepito in Mexico City, the atmosphere becomes vibrant and lively. The worshippers come together along with the effigies in various sizes in their arms.

Their offerings of candles, candies, flowers and incense create a surreal ambiance that draws tourists into this unique and spiritual event.

Santa Muerte displays as a skeletal female figure dressed in a long gown and carrying a scythe. Photo by Author
Santa Muerte effigies are for sale along the sidewalks of Tepito Mexico City. Photo by Author
Santa Muerte Altar contains the effigy surrounded by cigarettes, fruits, incense, water, alcoholic beverages, coins, candies, and candles. Photo by Author
Hundreds of worshippers of all ages packed the streets to make their way to the shrine. Photo by Author
Left: Pilgrims grasp their La Muerte, whether small or huge, with them.
Right: People were walking, with some crawling on their knees, towards the shrine.
Throughout the service, A man blowing marijuana smoke at the statue on the left. Right: A man pours an alcoholic drink to the effigies.
Both are believed to rid the negative energy from the devotees. Photo by Author
Local musicians perform live during the festivities. Photo by Author



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