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A Unique Souvenir from Mexico: Dr. Simi Keychain

From Pharmacy Mascot to Mexico’s Quirky Icon

Cindy Roaming
2 min readSep 23
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In my previous story,

During a leisurely stroll down Reforma, I stumbled upon some unique souvenirs — a keychain featuring a Mexican president.

Yet, what lay around the corner was even more captivating: a doll keychain with a bald head and a distinctive mustache. It looked familiar to me. As I made my way home, passing by a Farmacias Similares store, I was greeted by an unexpected sight — Dr. Simi grooves to the rhythm of reggaeton music. It was a moment that stopped me in my tracks, and I couldn’t help but remember the keychain that I had just seen.

Photo by Author

Well, for those of you who don’t know Dr. Simi, it is the iconic mascot of Farmacias Similares, Mexico’s largest drugstore chain with over 8,500 stores nationwide, a legacy spanning more than 25 years.

But what’s truly fascinating is how this pharmacy mascot evolved into a cultural icon in Mexico and became something to collect while traveling.

Then, I surfed the internet about this, and I found one intriguing article about Dr. Simi’s fame: the tradition of “throwing” the doll at celebrities during concerts and public events. This peculiar practice has garnered worldwide attention.

This transformation from a corporate mascot to a beloved cultural icon is a testament to the incredible power of branding and marketing. This bald, mustached man that can be found in every store with his energetic and somewhat unconventional dance moves has attracted passersby of all ages.

And if you ever find yourself visiting the Artesanal Market, you’ll see the charm of Dr. Simi in every stall. Whether it’s in the form of a keychain or a doll, he’s a symbol of the unique and lively culture that defines Mexico.

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