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A Unique Souvenir from Mexico: AMLO KEYCHAIN

Should I buy one?

Cindy Roaming
2 min readSep 21


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Do you ever bring home mementos from your travels? Is there anything special you seek to remind you of your travels? Most of us have our own little traditions when it comes to bringing back a piece of our adventures, whether it’s a postcard, a magnet, a local delicacy, or a keychain. And speaking of keychains, keychains featuring iconic places, the name of the country, or its flag are often chosen to be collected.
But have you ever considered carrying home a keychain showing the country’s presidents?

Well, it all happened yesterday as I strolled down Reforma Street, one of Mexico City’s famous roads, which is currently packed with street vendors. My attention was caught by one street vendor as I walked through the bright surroundings of this bustling street. Curiosity piqued, and I approached the vendor’s stall when I came across this intriguing souvenir — an AMLO keychain. Gray hair, a suit, and the Mexican flag. It’s quite interesting.

For those who are unfamiliar with AMLO, he is the current President of Mexico. He has been an influential figure in Mexican politics for decades, and as president, according to residents, he has brought considerable improvements to the country. The idea of a keychain picturing a president is certainly odd, and I couldn’t help but wonder what the backstory was.

Lots of buses from outside Mexico City had gathered that day. It was a sight to witness and a true testimonial to President AMLO’s popularity and influence. As I was reading a local newspaper to understand the significance of this gathering, I discovered that it was the fifth anniversary of President López Obrador’s triumph. It was a historic occasion, and approximately ten thousand people had assembled to mark an important moment in Mexican politics. The atmosphere was electric, with flags flying and an incredible sense of solidarity among the Mexican president’s supporters. And I suppose the keychain came from this occurrence.

For someone like me, who had never witnessed such a political celebration in a foreign country, it was a remarkable experience. It left an amazing impression, and the AMLO keychain I stumbled upon later…



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